Basics of Bluestacks Application

You do not have to have an Android device for you to run Android applications. Bluestacks free download will give you the ability to use all these applications that you wish to use but are unable to use because the type of the device does not support it. Some of these applications include the WhatsApp messenger, candy crush saga. With your Microsoft window or any other window that you may have on the device, you will comfortable be able to access and use all the android applications. This software has a great focus on selling Apps since it is one of the most common emulators of Android. You may be required to give a monthly fee for you to enjoy the benefits of the applications but the payments are affordable.

It is very easy to establish the application on your PC. You will be required to have between 2GB and 9GB RAM on of the space on your disk. As you run the process that application will let you know that it run the best app store applications and access to all enabled communications. Some people would prefer to uncheck the options though they will not have a great effect to the installation. Bluestacks free download only takes 15 to 20 minutes to get internalized in the PC for the very first time. You will see the various reasons of the development of Bluestacks and the advantages you will get from using the application.

When you launch the program for the first time, you will realize that the focus of the games in your PC becomes clearer. You may not be given the typical home screen of the Android, but raw apps and games will be presented to you apart from the ones that are in the messenger or media. You get a windows app the is customized instead of getting the full Android user interface. The Android programs can either work on a fixed size window or a full screen.
However, some people have found the custom home screen of Bluestacks to be frustrating and confusing. At first sight you will see like you have all the apps installed but when you tap on the app, it will take you back to the Google play for you to install the application. The applications on the Windows ware all arranged by alphabetical orders, and they cannot be grouped together or rearranged.  

The major disadvantage of the application is that you do not have the freedom to remove any of the thumbnails or to rearrange them to your likeness. You will always see the suggested applications every time you open Bluestacks even when you are not interested in them. When you click on the more button on the application, you will see a limited number of the applications recommended to you instead of all the Android applications that have the possibility of been downloaded. You will not find a direct link that will take you to Google play to download the apps that you wish. Bluestacks free download is easy, and it will not take much of your time to start enjoying its pros.